Keep your dress or gown in perfect condition!

Keep your dress or gown in perfect condition!

In this post I am going to give you some ideas about how you can keep your daughter’s dress in the best shape for next time you need it. 


1.- First step is sending your dress to the dry cleaner. This is one of the best option because a dry cleaner can take away all the dirty spots, even if your girl didn’t wear it for a long time, a little spot can be turn bigger after time. I have had this experience before. Get your dress dry cleaned.

In these days I definitely recommend to look for an eco friendly dry cleaner.  This kind of dry cleaner uses a very mild ingredients that will keep the fabric in a perfect conditions. 


2.- After you have the dress at home, you should get it out of the plastic bag. Plastic can leave some spots in the fabric. You could wrap the dress in silk paper or 100% natural muslin unbleached ( you can find this fabric in Hobby Lobby, JOANN or other fabric stores. 

Also if you buy your dress at Claire’s Moments, you get a garment bag, 100% recycle and bribable material to keep in a good conditions the dress. 

If you have this garment bag you can use it to keep your dress inside. 

3.- You shouldn’t hang the dress because with the weight to the fabric and the decorations could  fall off. The best thing is find a big box, where the dress isn’t too tightly packed. 


4.- You should fold the dress in two parts. The fold should be between the top (blouse) and the bottom (skirt). If you need to make another fold to be able to fit in a box. The third fold should be in the skirt. The blouse always shouldn’t be folded. 

If the blouse or the skirt has some decorations that can be damaged in folding, you can place silk paper around every decoration (like flowers), that way the decoration won’t hurt or get stock between fabrics. 


5.- The place where you will storage your dress is very important because after all here is where you dress will be until next time. It should be a dry place to avoid growing mold in the fabric. Be careful if you're storing it in a walking closet next to a bathroom. Other important points are to avoid bugs or place where bugs can get in the box. Bugs can lay eggs in the fabric and ruin your dress.

Hopefully all these cleaning tips can help to keep your dress for years to come. 

These steps can be use to take care of First Communion Dress, Baptism Gowns or any other special dress that you want to keep in a good condition. 

If you know other tips to take care of dresses and want to share with us, feel free to write me or comment. 

Also let me know if you have any questions or any other comment. 

Thank you! 

Fabiola Drerup 


Fabiola Drerup

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